Sunday, March 22, 2009

TOUCHDOWN! and the couches are IN!

So... The couches (really one couch and one chair, but the chair is big enough for Joel and I which constitutes a couch in our book) are in the apartment. We left after church for springfield to pick these beauties up. They were from Craig's List. Actually if you look at my new picasa album you will see our living room completely furnished! WOW! Just about everything came from Craig.

So, we are picking up a bed on wednesday and shouldn't actually need anything more. We have been blessed and have been able to find some great deals on Craig's Amazing List of goodies. We will just await our families visit this saturday for some stuff we had stored away and a few odds and ends. It is all very exciting! It will be so good to see both our families again and to show them our new pad! These are some pictures but the rest are in the picassa album. If you click on that link, you will get more of the story on bringing the couches home. Rain, snow, a couple of wrong turns....

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The Lion and the Lamb

These are some pictures I took of a beautiful snow globe that Mom Brown gave me! It says Peace on Earth on the front and plays the tune of Amazing Grace. Think about those two things together. God's Amazing Grace is that one day we will actually get to experience Peace on a New Earth with Him despite how unworthy we are!

"For by grace we have been saved through faith, and this not of ourselves, it is a gift of God, not by works, so that no man may boast" Ephesians 2:8-9.

The Lion and the lamb...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we are half furnished :-)

So as we are getting closer to moving in, we are getting broker! :-) haha! There are a few more items that we need. They are kind of big items but we don't really have any money to spend on them. If you know of anyone who just needs to trash their stuff, just let us know, and we'll take them for free. :-) We've been trying to look on Craig's list, and we found our couches there and our entertainment center, but we are having trouble with the bed frame etc.

looking for:
queen wood bed frame (we thought we found a couple with headboards but they fell through)
queen box spring and mattress
a really simple darker wood coffee table (like a thick slab of wood on top with chunky sturdy legs)
some wood dressers
a gas grill (it would make joel's day and mine since we wouldn't have to steam up the house on hot summer days!)
outdoor/porch furniture (table and chairs)
wood bookshelf

We are still looking!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Restaurante Mexicano

Yesterday, we preloaded the car with lots of stuff to bring to the new home. Today after church we asked our friend Mitch who is back from college for a week, to come over and help us out, play some ps2 and go out to eat. It was a really nice Mexican restaurant that he suggested. I snapped a few pictures while they weren't looking. Kristin is my inspiration lately. I wish I had continued taking pictures regularly. I'm way out of practice but I had fun.

^ My favorite ^

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Our New Home!

Hear are a few pictures of the Cottage. I am putting the rest into my public picasa album so that you can look through those as well.

This is a pictures of the house from the driveway.
The corner that is closest to me in the picture is our bedroom

This is to the left as you walk in the door. (actually I am standing in the bathroom to get this shot.)
That wood bar like thing separates the kitchen area! I like it because I can plate food and shove it on top of the bar and yell "Order UP!" They have really nice wood floor and tile everywhere except in the bedroom.

This is our bedroom! We actually have a bedroom! I am standing at the 12 foot long closet in this picture. We can't figure out what to do with so much space. We think we will make an office area in one of the corners you can't see, and have a nice reading area somewhere.

And this is a picture out our other door (dirrectly across from our front door. There is a really nice view of lake Buel). They built an awesome screned in porch that will get a lot of use! Joel is going to finally get a grill and there will be plenty of parties/get togethers! ;-) Our landlords want Joel to play the guitar as loud as he can on the porch. He will! (They like the acoustic guitar. They said it will be nice to have life living on the hill again.) I also get to have a garden in the front where i'm going to grow vegies, herbs and flowers.

Check out the rest of the pictures on picasa if you would like.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Praise the Lord

You know that churning-in-your-stomach feeling when you are preparing for something big? Like an interview that's outcome could change your way of life? Well, decisions, preparation, searching, and all that goes along with that kind of feeling have been happening for the past month or so. But its all been worth it and God has shown through. With each big decision, we have turned it over to God (I have to admit, I don't surrender as soon as I should) and He has blessed us more than we could ever deserve.

Some Background:
I applied to a Library Technician job at a Library closer to Sheffield. GREAT job opportunity! They called back after my interview, (4 weeks after initially applying and 1.5 weeks after the interview) and told me that they decided to hire inhouse. However, they wanted to know if I would do some consulting work for them and work on their website and design their manuals! AWESOME! Not too long ago I told Joel that I wish I could have a job where I helped local businesses with designing manuals, working on websites, and small improvement projects. Joel was jumping in the appartment when I got the phone call and quite frankly was very distracting but also very encouraging. Its so nice that he is excited and that he wants to suport me in my careerish endevors. (I never really think about what I do as a career path, but I guess when you set job/business goals, they are career goals.) PRAISE GOD

In the meantime we had been looking for another apartment closer to Sheffield Chapel since we are getting more and more involved! Well, after a long search, we put the need out to the church. the next week, a great man in our church, Gordon, came up to us with the number of someone who he used to rent from. We called the number, went to see the apartment, and took it! It is lovely and we are planning (God willing) to stay in this apartment until we buy a house. It is everything and more than what I could have asked for. Private! A cottage by itself, VEIWS of a lake and mountains, A SEPARATE BEDROOM, and a cellar. I will upload pictures soon. It seems like just too much! We don't deserve it!

We will soon be adding a new member to our family as well! NO, it is NOT a baby. It is a rescued cat. We still have not settled on which one, but we fell in love with a couple of them and still need to decide which would be the perfect fit. We have had pet withdrawal and are looking forward to having a pet of our own.

New developement as well. I went back to the Lenox Library and told them about how the position I applied to was filled in house, but that the library I aplied to wanted me to possibly do some side work for them.
TODAY I was aproached by the Dirrector of the Lenox Library, and he asked if I would be interested in a contracted possition separate from the one I already hold, so that I could keep up their website, and work on special projects (interactive floor plan, manuals, historic walking tour of the library) and learn how to control/fix computar network when there are issues (I would be a computer go-to tech). Wow! I can't wait to start! I have loved working independantly at the Lenox Library designing the Holds Possition Manual and the Interactive Floor Plan. Now I will be able to actually do it and get payed under contract.

God is Good, all the time, and all the time, God is Good!

Things might not be turning out at all how I expected, but they are so much better than I could have expected.

Joel and I are having big moves: furnishing our appartment, paying off debt, and keeping ourselves out of holes, but in all of the hustle and bustle of this time in our lives, God is showing through some tough stuff and showing us the Great things he can produce when we let go and give it up. Of course we know that it all could have gone sour and God would still deserve all praise, but in these instances things have gone unexpectedly in a great dirrection that we had no idea existed. Praise God for so much. And so much more than what I have shared.

God has worked on me in so many ways. I'll write more another time, but there is an update. A long one!
Blessed be your name
When the sun's shining down on me
When the world's all as it should be
Blessed be your name

Blessed be your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be your name

(Tree 63, Blessed Be Your Name)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And the sugar-free granola said, "EAT ME!"

I love to cook in the kitchen with Joel. It's so much fun and we have been working on killer recipes! We got rid of cable so instead of watching tv, we cook, bake, read, or work on projects (Joel recently showed me how to use flash professional so that I could make cool intereactive projects). It's all fun. MMM! The best thing we have made so far, is our Granola. We created it from several other recipes and put our spin on it. I'm not that great at measuring; I usually just dump stuff in a bowl and mix it until it looks good. So this is the best I can do for now. Maybe next time i'll measure and write down what I did.

oats 5 cups
sliced almonds 1 cup
unsweetend coconut flakes 3 cups
enouph hazlenut milk to make is moist
canola oil 3/4 cup
agave 3/4 cup

dried rasberries

Put the oats, almonds and coconut in a big bowl and poor hazlenut milk over it to make it moist so that it will clump together better when baked. (real hazlenut milk, not milk that tastes like hazlenut. i bet almond milk would taste good too. i'm thinking maybe coconut milk next time.) Put some cinamon in and mix it well. Then you have to wisk the canola oil and agave together in a separate bowl and add vanilla until you think it tastes yummy. TASTE IT! mmmm... it tastes soooo good (like honey!). Then pour it on the granola and mix it. yummy yummy yummy. I didn't want to cook it because it tasted really good raw.

Spread it all out on two parchment paper lined cookie sheets and bake for 30 minutes at 400, mixing twice (we left it in an additional 10 minutes that last time). add raspberries after if you want.

I like to eat it like cereal with the hazlenut or rice milk on top. Hope someone out there wanted a granola recipe. Maybe it will just spark that hidden desire in someone to make their own granola. The granola voice is saying "make me, bake me, eat me."

Now we are trying to perfect our bread! :-)



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